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# Documentation
If you find an error on our documentation or find that a useful page is missing,
please create an issue or a pull request on
[epita-doc]( GitHub page.
# Map
## What are SM Maps
A map is a simple SVG file. This means that you can easily modify it to match
the real building structure or the room layout.
The only requirements is that each computer is a `rect` with the following
properties are set:
- `class`: `computer`
- `id`: the hostname of the computer. Underscore must be replace with dots. (e.g.
## Create or edit a map
Although not required, `inkscape` is recommended to design a map.
A simple `demo.svg` map is provided. It is recommended to edit it rather than
creating a map from scratch.
### Add a computer
Copying an existing computer with `inkscape` will provide every properties
required except `id`.
You may resize it if required.
### Resize and export
If your map renders properly only on `inkscape`, the `viewBox` might be invalid.
`inkscape` provides a way to export your work so that it fills the whole space
available. To do so, you have to export it using `Save As` > `Optimized SVG` and
check `Enable viewboxing`.
This will automatically resize the viewbox and provide a much more readable
(and shorted) output.
While this is great for production, the contributed maps MUST be on a format
easily editable. It does not matter if the `viewBox` is wrong as it will be
exported later for production.
## Links
Every maps (including `demo.svg` and `demo_optimized.svg`) are available on the
CRI's github: [here](
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