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accounts: mfa: add smtp config for thunderbird

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......@@ -118,6 +118,17 @@ Thunderbird needs a special configuration in order to work with MFA.
![Thunderbird server settings](assets/mfa_thunderbird_serversettings.png)
* Under "Outgoing Server (SMTP)", edit the server linked to your EPITA email
address. In case you have multiple Microsoft 365 accounts, make sure you are
editing the one that has your EPITA email address in its configuration.
![Thunderbird SMTP server list](assets/mfa_thunderbird_smtp_serversettings_1.png)
* In "Authentication method", select "OAuth2". Close the window by clicking on
![Thunderbird SMTP server settings](assets/mfa_thunderbird_smtp_serversettings_2.png)
* Close the tab.
* Click on "Inbox" under your EPITA account in the left sidebar.
* A new window should open, login with your Bocal account.
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