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wifi: add basic archlinux configuration

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......@@ -31,3 +31,43 @@ To connect on Ionis Portal, follow these steps:
3. Login with your *Bocal* logins
4. Wait a few seconds before the connection is verified and established.
## Archlinux configuration
This section assumes you want to connect to the IONIS WiFi on an Archlinux
distribution, and have an activated WiFi interface.
To get the name of your WiFi interface you can type: `$ iw dev`.
This configuration is using _netctl_, a profile-based network manager
for archlinux.
Thus, you will have to configure a network _profile_. A simple profile is
presented below. For more information, please visit the
[archlinux wiki on netctl](
1. Create a file in `/etc/netctl/`. Its name should be self-explanatory. A good
name would be \<interface\>-IONIS.
2. Fill it with the following configuration:
Description='EPITA IONIS profile'
3. Start the profile.
`$ netctl start <profile_name>`
You can also enable it to make it start at boot.
`$ netctl enable <profile_name>`
If you wish to avoid having a password stored in plain text, you may want to
try _wpa\_passphrase_ to make a pre-shared key instead, calculated from the
passphrase and the SSID. Please refer to this
[netctl section](
You can find configuration examples in `/etc/netctl/examples/`.
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