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# Map
CRI's intranet provides an interactive map of the computer rooms. This map
allows you to see the computers used by students in real time, the issues and
the heatmap. The issues on the map are used to replace the missing or broken
equipment, this means that it is important to report issues in order to have
fully functional computer rooms.
The CRI's map can be accessed using menu on the left of the intranet.
## Report a problem
If you are having a problem with a device or the computer you are on, you can
report it using the CRI's map.
Go to the issue tab and click the computer you are using on the map. Describe
the problem as clearly as possible.
## Notes
Do not report software errors happening once you are logged in on the map.
The map should only be used to report problems regarding hardware or boot.
Here is a non exhaustive list of the errors you can report:
- Problems with the screen (Does not power on, no display, wrong colors, broken screen)
- Computer (Does not boot, fails to start after selecting an image, no hostname)
- Network (Slow internet link, no internet link, broken network cable)
- Mouse (Click not working, does not move properly)
- Keyboard (Missing key, key not working)
- Missing device (No keyboard, mouse or screen)
- Missing cable (No video cable, no power cable)
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- Accounts:
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