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# How to setup and use the CRI bare metal environment
This method allow you to have the PIE environment running on your
computer outside of a VM (like dual booting).
## Installation
You'll need VirtualBox to create the bootable USB Key / Hard drive.
Follow the two first steps in `CRI_VM` to install VM.
Then continue here.
### Third step
Connecting devices :
Click the `Settings` button :
Note that you can use a Disk or a USB key.
#### USB key
Click on the `USB` menu, then click on the USB with `+` sign and add your USB key.
Then, click on `OK`
#### Disk
Click on the `Storage` part
### Fourth step
Inside Virtual Box select your newly created virtual machine and click on
the `Start` button.
In the familiar PXE menu, choose the `Prepare USB` entry.
You'll be prompted to choose the drive you want to format in the list of connected
### Fifth step
You can now reboot on the USB key. You might need to choose the Disk/USB key in your
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- CRI VM: ''
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- Accounts:
- Cri and Bocal accounts: ''
- Recover and modify passwords: ''
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