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Since my first version of this document seems to be stuck in an old merging process, I submit a clean new version.
This documents provides instructions for printing documents in the two campuses of EPITA Villejuif and Kremlin-Bicêtre.
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# Print documents
## Villejuif
In Villejuif, there are two printers available for students. You can access those printers from any web browser
with two IP adresses:
- [](
- [](
The first page provides informations related to the printer you want to print from, such as:
- State
- Ink percentage
- Sheets quantity
You need to go in the *print* section to submit your documents.
> Be aware that only *.ps*, *.pdf*, *.prn* or *.rfu* files are accepted.
## Kremlin-Bicêtre
There are currently no printers available directly for students in the KB's campus. However, you can ask the
administration to print documents for you. You can ask *Pedro Miranda*, *Marion Ormancey* or *Sandrine Caurand*,
who are located in the ING secretariat (see [Epimap]( for more
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