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Add clarification for new logins

I chose to simply add one sentence for this clarification. Tell me if you want me to rewrite the full process instead.
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......@@ -28,6 +28,8 @@ To get the rights to edit the content of the afs folder of an user called `login
* Enter `login_x`'s password
* Execute `aklog`
If the user has a login of the form `firstname.lastname` (logins for new users since 2016), the argument for the first step have to be replaced with `kinit firstname_lastname`.
You can then execute `cd /afs/`, read and edit the content of `login_x`'s afs folder.
If you are using the anonym epita account, do not forget to execute `unlog && destroy` to destroy the token before logging out (or to shutdown the computer).
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