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# Common issues
### Error: failed to start Switch Root.
You probably didn't start the `Prepare disk` image, please do the third step
### Black screen after starting the VM
Please ensure you are using VirtualBox 6.1 (you can check in
`Help -> About VirtualBox`).
### Not in a hypervisor partition
You need to enable Vt-x or AMD-V in your BIOS.
### Cannot enable nested VT-x/AMD-V without nested-paging
Go to the VM settings window and in the `System` page and `Processor` tab,
uncheck the `Enable nested Vt-x/AMD-V` box.
### FATAL: Could not read from the boot medium! System halted
This issue often happens if you tried to install `VBoxGuestAdditions`. The
tools provided by VirtualBox are given as an ISO file. When you try to install
the tools, the ISO will replace your boot device.
To fix this issue, you need to re-attach the original boot device to your VM.
Go into your VM settings (`Settings -> Storage`)
!!! warning
Be careful ! You should only edit the `Controller: IDE` section of the Storage settings.
In the `Controller: IDE` section, you will either see nothing or the `VBoxGuestAdditions` iso.
##### `Controller: IDE` section is empty
Click on the little CD/ROM button on the `Controller: IDE` line.
Choose the iso called `PIE-disk001.iso`, it should have a size of ~1MB.
You should now be able to boot your VM.
##### VBoxGuestAdditions iso is present in the `Controller: IDE` section
1. Select `VBoxGuestAdditions` iso.
2. Click on the disk icon on the right of the menu.
Choose the iso called `PIE-disk001.iso`.
You should now be able to boot your VM.
!!! warning
No support is done by the CRI on the PIE VM. If you do not succeed in
making it work by your own means, you must work on the school computers.
This method allow you to have the PIE environment running in a VM on your
There exists two installation : [VirtualBox]( and
[VMWare]( Note that VirtualBox has shown numerous bugs on MacOS.
VMWare is thus recommended for MacOS users.
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