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# How to setup and use pie-external VM
This method allow you to have the PIE's environment in a VM on your computer.
## First step
Install [Virtual Box](https://www.virtualbox.org/).
On linux you can install it with your packet manager (for [Debian](https://wiki.debian.org/VirtualBox) or [ArchLinux](https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/VirtualBox)).
## Second step
Download the VirtualBox appliance from [this address](https://static.cri.epita.fr/cri-vm.ova).
Open VirtualBox and go to `File > Import Appliance` and import the file you just downloaded.
When setting `Appliance settings` verify RAM parameters as minimum is `2048 MB`.
You can then click the `Import` button.
## Third step
Inside Virtual Box select your newly created virtual machine and click on `Start` button.
In the PXE menu, you should be used to see it, select `Prepare disk`.
Let it boot, a script will run automatically. Your VM will shutdown after script execution.
## Fourth step
You can now `Start` your VM again. You can now use the PXE menu as usual to boot `Archlinux` image.
Be careful ! You should log with `epita` user and no password. Your data is in `/home/epita`, this directory is persistent so you will not lose files when rebooting.
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