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Newsgroups are the only official way of communication of EPITA. Newsgroups are the only official way of communication of EPITA.
## Accessibility ## Access
* Server: * Server:
* Port: 563/tcp * Port: 563/tcp
...@@ -14,6 +14,56 @@ Recommanded NNTP clients are the following: ...@@ -14,6 +14,56 @@ Recommanded NNTP clients are the following:
* slrn * slrn
* thunderbird * thunderbird
## Thunderbird
### Procedure
In the following procedure, the example user is called "Xavier Login", their login
is `xavier.login` and their email address is ``.
To add the NNTP server, go to ☰ > New > Other accounts.
In `Name`, insert your full name (example: "Xavier Login").
In `Email address`, insert your EPITA email address (example:
In `Newsgroup Server`, insert ``.
In the folder pane on the left of the main Thunederbird window, right click on
the newly added account (called `` if you didn't change it) and
click on `Settings`. Under `Server Settings`, select the correct
`Connection security` : `SSL/TLS`.
Check the `Always request authentification when conneting to this server` box.
We also recommend checking the two boxes about checking for new messages as you
will get notified when new messages are received on the server.
![Thunderbird news config](assets/thunderbird_news.png)
When prompted for a username and a password, fill in your login (example:
`xavier.login`) and your CRI password. Make sure to check the box to remember
the password.
### Tips and tricks
The following configuration is strongly recommended as it is mandatory to
respect the "netiquette" on the News server.
Still under the account settings, add a signature.
![Thunderbird news config](assets/thunderbird_news_account.png)
Under `Composition & Addressing`, make sure the HTML box is **unchecked**.
Click the `Global Composing Preferences...` button, then the `Send Options...`
button. In the dialog, make sure the `Send messages as plain text if possible`
is checked, in the menu select `Ask me what to do` and in `Plain Text Domains`
add `*`.
Finally, in ☰ > Preferences > General > Config Editor (at the bottom):
- Set `mailnews.display.disable_format_flowed_support` to `true`
- Set `mailnews.send_plaintext_flowed` to `false`
- Set `mail.server.default.abbreviate` to `false`
## slrn ## slrn
A tutorial is available [here]( A tutorial is available [here](
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